About Association

Professional entity looking forward to the future and draws on the scientific and applied efforts of the Sudanese engineer in promoting the lives of people and sociites.


A professional association of general benefit, aiming to enhance the professional competence, technical capabilities and scientific status of the Sudanese engineer and to enhance his role in leading the renaissance and building a better life by encouraging innovation, self development, exchange of knowledge and knowledge and commitment to the ethics of the profession.


  1. Developing and advancing skills of Sudanese engineers in Qatar
  2. Enhancing the positive mental image of the professional competence of the Sudanese engineer in Qatar
  3. Overcoming challenges and supporting the continuous contribution of our engineers to the workforce
  4. Preserving the available talent, skills of Sudanese engineer
  5. Offering diverse programs and services to active engineering community
  6. Interlink the diverse group of engineers within Qatar to leverage expertise and maximize contribution to the Sudanese society and the community at large


  1. Offer training and skill-development activities
  2. Support or facilitate the registry of engineers
  3. Exchange of expertise and knowledge amongst the group
  4. Documenting professional achievements and provide incentives for knowledge transfer to Sudan
  5. Work with news agencies to reflect the positive contributions of the Sudanese Engineer
  6. Organize to determine knowledge gap, challenges (professional, social, ..) that Sudanese engineer faces in Qatar
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