Association of Sudanese Engineers in the State of Qatar
Social and Cultural Affairs Office


Objectives of the Social and Cultural Affairs Office:

  • Activate interaction and communication between members.
  • Coordination and establishment of social and cultural programs.
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience between members.

Main Areas of the Office of Social and Cultural Affairs

  • Social field
  • Cultural field
  • Sports Field
  • Entertainment and educational programs for children
  • Social media Communication.

Social and Cultural Affairs Office 2019 Events:

Event Description Proposed Date
Monthly Soccer Exercise Monthly Soccer Exercise Weekly
Social cultural forum  A social / cultural forum where old Sudanese engineers in Qatar are hosted to talk about their to talk about their history and experience in the engineering field and their participation in construction and development of the country.  April 2019
 Ramadan Sahor Party  Gathering engineers and their families in Sahor party  19th Ramadan 
 Swimming Education Course  Organizing a swimming training course for kids of Sudanese engineers  July 2019
 Family Day + Blood Donation  Arranging a family gathering day and Coordinate with other professional associations in the medical field to include a blood donation on the same day.  Nov. 2019
 Cultural Symposium  A cultural symposium program offered by one of the specialized engineers  Dec. 2019
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