Member Benefits

As a SEAQ member, your voice is joined with those of more than 340 of Qatar’s most respected engineers from more than 14 engineering majors. SEAQ welcomes all engineers in Qatar with different engineering disciplines and career stages. As a member, you will benefit from the many services provided by our different offices. Being a young engineer, you can benefit from the skills development opportunities, professional trainings, as well as the networking occasions you can experience from our social events. On the contrary, senior engineers can benefit from our social events, lecture series, and by having the chance to act as mentors for the young professionals.

Membership demographics

*graph of different majors*

*graph of companies members are a part of*

The office of membership services mainly focuses on ensuring the satisfaction of members from all aspects. Our objective as a subcommittee is to act as a linking point between the members and the different SEAQ executive offices. One of our main goals is to consider members concern, complaints, thoughts, and requests and work with the committee into finding solutions or implementing applicable ideas. Considering the different career stages of Qatar’s engineers, membership fees are waived for fresh engineering graduates and engineers seeking employment. Learn more about the membership fee structure here.

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